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California Peace Prize

peace prize

The California Wellness Foundation is proud to present its 2013 California Peace Prize honorees. Each receives a cash award of $25,000 as an acknowledgment of their commitment to prevent violence and promote peace in their communities.

George Galvis

For more than two decades, George Galvis has promoted restorative justice and healing to address the violence plaguing Bay Area communities. Cofounder and executive director of Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ, pronounced “courage”), Galvis draws upon his experience and indigenous roots to help young people, particularly those involved in the criminal justice system, become future community leaders.

Lali Moheno

Lali Moheno is a community leader dedicated to improving the health and wellness of female farmworkers who are often victims of sexual harassment and other forms of violence. Through her efforts in Tulare County — a high-density area for farmworkers — thousands of women and their families have been connected with health care and mental health services, as well as advocacy support to combat sexual harassment.

Tasha Williamson

Tasha Williamson, a fierce advocate for peace, works directly with families who have experienced the devastating loss of loved ones. In 2008, she cofounded the San Diego Compassion Project, which has supported and helped more than 80 families and 500 individuals survive the trauma associated with homicides, suicides and assaults. The project is a collaborative of organizations working closely with the San Diego Police Department (SDPD), the District Attorney’s Victim Assistance Program, six local churches and a large contingent of volunteers.

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