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Sabbatical Program


The California Wellness Foundation Sabbatical Program Award was created to improve the long-term effectiveness of health-focused nonprofits by providing their executives with the rest they need to continue to direct their organizations' missions. The leadership support program - now in its tenth year - provides eight organizations each with a $35,000 grant to cover the leader's salary and expenses during the sabbatical, which lasts a minimum of three months.

Mary Lou Goeke, Executive Director, United Way of Santa Cruz County

Mary Lou Goeke has been the executive director of United Way of Santa Cruz County for 20 years.

Walter Philips, Chief Executive Officer, San Diego Youth Services

Walter Philips joined San Diego Youth Services (SDYS) as chief executive officer in 2000.

Sheryll Prinz-McMillan, Executive Director, Christian Counseling Service of the East Valley, Inc.

Sheryll Prinz-McMillan joined Christian Counseling Service of the East Valley (CCS) in 2001 and was named executive director in 2005.

Luann Rocha, Executive Director, El Centrito Family Learning Centers

Luann Rocha co-founded El Centrito Family Learning Centers in 1992 and has served as executive director since then.

Martha Ryan, Executive Director, Homeless Prenatal Program

After working for several years as a nurse in African refugee camps, Martha Ryan returned to San Francisco and was shocked by the poverty she witnessed, particularly among pregnant women and children living on the streets or in shelters.

Ahmed Sahid, President and CEO, Somali Family Service of San Diego

Ahmed Sahid came to the United States as a refugee more than 20 years ago and has been dedicated to helping others adapt to the challenge of starting over in a foreign culture and environment.

Clarmundo Sullivan, Executive Director, Golden Rule Services, Inc.

Clarmundo Sullivan founded Golden Rule Services (GRS) in 2000 and has served as executive director since then.

Phill Wilson, President and CEO, Black AIDS Institute

Phill Wilson established the Black AIDS Institute in 1999 and has built the only national HIV/AIDS think tank focused exclusively on African Americans.

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To protect and improve the health and wellness of the people of California by increasing access to health care, quality education, good jobs, healthy environments and safe neighborhoods.

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