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2012 Annual Report

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Cover Story:
Responding Effectively to Unforeseen Health Challenges

Our field is adept at planning grantmaking programs that are designed to address defined issues and can include components, phases, evaluations and other facets that strategically promote our respective missions. But what about the unforeseen? How can funders respond effectively and quickly to emerging issues? For Cal Wellness, these answers are often found in the world of public health. With grantmaking dollars set aside for special projects, we are able to pivot quickly in pursuit of our mission to improve the health of the people of California.

Cal Wellness’ 2012 Annual Report 2012 also provides an update on the Foundation’s activities for the year, financial statements and a list of the year’s grants. More.

This Adobe PDF version allows you to view and print the entire report exactly as it appeared in print. It includes all of the color photos from the report.

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