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 Summer 2004

Core Support Helps Safety Net Providers Sustain Services in Challenging Times

ommunity clinics and other safety net providers face the combined pressures of increasing demand for their services coupled with an environment of shrinking resources. In this climate, they rarely have the flexibility to develop organizational infrastructure in their uphill struggle to provide basic services, even though organizational infrastructure needs may be at the top of their wish lists. “One of the most strategic approaches to achieving the Foundation’s mission of improving the health of the people of California is provision of grants for core operating support for safety net providers,” said Gary L. Yates, president and CEO of The California Wellness Foundation (TCWF). “These grants allow recipients to support existing services, strengthen administrative procedures, hire personnel or just take a deep breath and plan how to proceed. As a result, underserved Californians receive the health services they need.”


TCWF Sponsors Statewide Videoconference on Violence Prevention

Communities across the state participated in a June 3 program on successful strategies to keep youth safe. Read what's new for more info...


Environmental advocacy in the Central Valley

Mental health services for Asian immigrants and refugees

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