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Reflections Series

Reflections is a series produced by Cal Wellness to share lessons learned and information gleaned from its grantmaking practices and strategies.

The latest edition of Reflections is "Reflections On 20 Years of Grantmaking: Select Writings by Gary L. Yates." It contains a selection of writings by The California Wellness Foundation's recently retired president and CEO, Gary L. Yates. It covers a wide range of grantmaking issues: veterans, preventing teen pregnancy, building grassroots organizational capacity, health care reform, foundation diversity, core operating support, developing the health care workforce and preventing violence. The selections highlight Yates' work over his 20-year tenure at the Foundation.

Archive of Reflections

Reflections On 20 Years of Grantmaking: Select Writings by Gary L. Yates - December 2011

Grantmaking That Lasts: Key Findings of The California Wellness Foundation's Responsive Grantmaking Program - June 2009

Reflections on Leadership Recognition — TCWF’s Champions of Health Professions Diversity Award - December 2007

Reflections on Sustainability—Assessing the Long-Term Impact of Three TCWF Initiatives - November 2006

Reflections On TCWF‘s Responsive Grantmaking Program - August 2006

Reflections On Increasing Diversity in the Health Professions - December 2005


Reflections On Leadership — The California Peace Prize - November 2005

Reflections on TCWF’s Violence Prevention Initiative - May 2004

Reflections on Evaluating our Grants - March 2004

Reflections on the Safety Net: A Case for Core Support - September 2003

Reflections on Communications Strategies that Accent Grantees - February 2003

Reflections on Public Policy Grantmaking - May 2002


Reflections on Sustainability - February 2002

Reflections on Capacity Building - April 2001

Reflections on Strategic Grantmaking - November 2000

Reflections on the Connections Between Work and Health - June 2000

Reflections on the Impact of Devolution in California - January 2000

Reflections on our First Initiatives - Fall 1999

Our Guiding Principles

Guided by our mission, we pursue the following goals through our grantmaking:

  • To address the particular health needs of traditionally underserved populations, including low-income individuals, people of color, youth and residents of rural areas.
  • To support and strengthen nonprofit organizations that seek to improve the health of underserved populations.
  • To recognize and encourage leaders who are working to increase health and wellness within their communities.
  • To inform policymakers and opinion leaders about important wellness and health care issues.


The mission of The California Wellness Foundation is to improve the health of the people of California by making grants for health promotion, wellness education and disease prevention.

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