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We believe in being upfront about money.

So we’ll be direct and transparent about what we fund. And why and how we’re using the dollars in our endowment. When used well, money can help advance wellness for all.

Advancing Wellness Grantmaking

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COMMUNITY WELL‑BEING Communities Leading Transformation Learn More
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Equity in Access Defending Health Care and Immigrant Rights Learn More
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Economic Security & Dignity Strengthening the Floor and Raising the Ceiling Learn More
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Leading for Power & Change Striving for Racial Justice Learn More

Apply for a Grant

Ready to apply for a grant?

  1. Review our checklist to find out if your group is eligible.
  2. Learn how to submit your letter of interest.
  3. Take a look at what our grant process looks like.

You’ll find instructions and other resources to help make the application process as easy as possible for you and your organization.

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Search Our Grants

Looking for examples of grants we’ve made? Search our grants from 2015 until now. You’ll also find examples of recent grants in each of our program areas here.

By the Numbers

  • $40+ million

    in grants each year

  • $1 billion+

    in grants since 1992

  • 9,000+

    grants since 1992

Look at our most recent Form 990 to understand our financials.
View our most recent audited financial statement here.

Our Investments

Our endowment fuels our mission. It generates the dollars we use to make grants and support organizations working to protect and improve the wellness of the people of California. We’re also putting our endowment to work through mission-related investments.

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