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Every Vote Counts

Voting day has passed. Communities turned out to vote in record numbers – from mail-in voting, to early in-person voting, to day-of voting. Voters decide who will represent us. For democracy to work for us all, it must include us all.

Our Voices

What We Fund

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COMMUNITY WELL‑BEING Communities Leading Transformation Learn More
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Equity in Access Defending Health Care and Immigrant Rights Learn More
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Economic Security & Dignity Strengthening the Floor and Raising the Ceiling Learn More
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Leading for Power & Change Striving for Racial Justice Learn More
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Read About How Philanthropy Can Best Support Nonprofits

The report from Center for Effective Philanthropy examines the state of practice in philanthropy regarding multiyear general operating support.

What is wellness?

We believe that wellness is more than the absence of illness. Wellness means health of body, mind and spirit. Wellness means an abundance of justice, equity and voice.

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