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We make grants to support community advocates. And we’re raising our voice with them.

We’ve always supported the needs of people who are often left out—residents in poor and rural communities and people of color. To amplify their voices, we’ve given millions in grants to organizations leading community organizing and public policy efforts at the local, state and federal levels.

But dollars can only do so much. We speak up and show up to raise our voice and stand alongside our grantees to advance wellness across California.

How We Raise Our Voice

Hate Has No Place With Wellness

In the past week, another shocking wave of violence has devastated America – and we must refuse to accept this as “the new normal.” In Pittsburgh, 11 Jewish people were murdered in a place of worship. In Kentucky, two African-Americans were shot at a grocery store. And across the nation, pipe bombs were mailed that targeted people for their political beliefs. All these incidents have one thing in common: hate.

Sandra Martinez
In today’s social and political climate, silence is dangerous. As a private foundation that has power, we must raise our voice, speak our truth, and publicly—and fiercely—support our community partners.

Sandra Martinez, Director of Public Policy

How We Advocate?

  • We listen to those working on the front lines of social change. Then we help them amplify their message.
  • We convene nonprofits and decision-makers to discuss topics critical to our mission and Advancing Wellness grantmaking strategy.
  • We educate policymakers about who we are and the issues we fund.
  • We inform California residents on issues that impact them and their communities.
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