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Apply for a Grant

If you are eligible to apply for a grant, you can submit a Letter of Interest.

Unsure whether you’re eligible? A checklist:

  • Your organization must be a nonprofit public agency, religious organization or tribal government.
  • You must have Section 501(c)(3) status and be classified as a public charity.
  • Your organization can’t discriminate by race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation or national origin.
  • Your application is not for an annual fund drive, building campaign, major equipment or biomedical research.
  • Your proposal would benefit those living in California. Cal Wellness does not provide international funding or fund organizations located outside the United States.

Cal Wellness is moving to a new and improved grants management system in early 2019. We're looking forward to this resulting in simpler, more streamlined communications between us and our grantees and grant applicants.

Between now and early 2019, we are accepting time-sensitive requests only. Please use the below interim form to submit a Letter of Interest (and read our Q&A here). Please note that you may be asked to provide additional information once the new system is online.

How to Apply

Step 1:

  • We recommend that you print a copy of the form and work offline. This will allow you to work on the request with others and make notes. Once you start this process online, you must finish it in one sitting.
  • Begin your Letter of Interest here. All fields with a red star are required fields.
  • In the first field under "Organization Information," enter your Organization Name.
  • Fill out general contact information about your organization (primary contact).
    Time estimate: 4 minutes

Step 2:

  • What do you need? (Amount requested, duration, core operating support, or project support.)
  • Share a 25-word description of your funding request in the Brief Summary of Request box.
    Time estimate: 15 minutes

Step 3:

  • Upload your Request Narrative. (A two-page document that shares what issues your project addresses and how it aligns with Cal Wellness.) The Request Narrative should describe the following:
    1. The issue(s) the organization or project will address.
    2. What geographic area(s) and population(s) will be served or targeted and why.
    3. How Cal Wellness funds will be utilized to address the identified issue(s) listed (please
    include specific strategies, approaches and activities).
    4. How the proposed work aligns with our grantmaking program, Advancing Wellness.
    5. Two key accomplishments of the organization.
    Time estimate: 6 minutes, not including drafting time of Request Narrative.

Read and Review: You won’t be able to edit or change your application once you submit. To receive a copy of your completed request, be sure to click the “Send Me a Copy of My Responses” checkbox and enter your email address.

Please make sure to carefully review your application before applying.

Seriously, review One. Last. Time.

  Press "Submit"—you did it!

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