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What We Fund

Our vision is that every person in California enjoys health and wellness. That means living in a safe and healthy community. Having access to quality education and good jobs. Drinking clean water. And having access to healthy foods.

But we know that a lot gets in the way of people enjoying health and wellness. The barriers are many and they are systemic. Wellness is directly affected by our race, class, gender and disability. By our zip code. By our family history. By our immigration status and past involvement with the criminal justice system.

That’s why we partner with community organizations to remove barriers to individual and community wellness. And to put in place more equitable processes and systems that improve individual and community wellness.

Through our grantmaking program—Advancing Wellness—we support organizations that are increasing access to health care. Innovative organizations that are advocating for quality education. Organizations big and small that are fighting for good jobs with fair wages and benefits. Local organizations that are working to make our streets and neighborhoods safe.

Where Our Grant Dollars Go

Every year we award more than $35 million dollars to advance wellness in our communities, cities and counties, as well as statewide. We support direct services, public policy, leadership and capacity building.

To get a grant, your work must fit into one or more of our specific priority areas and serve one or more of our target populations. We fund organizations that are addressing urgent needs people are facing in their communities. Specifically, we focus on low-income communities, people of color, youth, immigrants and residents of rural areas.

Advancing Wellness Grantmaking

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COMMUNITY WELL‑BEING Communities Leading Transformation Learn More
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Equity in Access Defending Health Care and Immigrant Rights Learn More
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Economic Security & Dignity Strengthening the Floor and Raising the Ceiling Learn More
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Leading for Power & Change Striving for Racial Justice Learn More

Women's Health Initiatives

Over the next five years we’ll invest over $13 million to address health issues that disproportionately impact women of color. 

“What do you fund?” “What is an LOI?” Find answers to these and many other questions.
A letter of interest is the first step in requesting a grant. Here’s how to submit a letter of interest.
Judy Belk
The dismantling of the Affordable Care Act and the social safety net, the rolling back of reproductive rights and the traumatic impact of incarceration have placed the health and wellness of our communities at risk.

Judy Belk, President and CEO


Accountability, continual learning and respect for our community partners have always been among our core values. For 25 years, we’ve regularly used research and surveys to get candid, anonymous feedback about our work.

Our most recent survey, conducted in 2017 in partnership with the Center for Effective Philanthropy, provided us with significant insights that have already helped us better define, assess and improve our effectiveness as a funder.

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