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COVID-19 Resources

Stay up-to-date.

Visit this page for a collection of COVID-19 news, resources, and information from Cal Wellness and community partners. These resources will be centered around public health guidelines and places where you can obtain assistance and support.

TAKE ACTION Read: "I'm a Black Doctor Who Didn't Trust the COVID Vaccine"

Instead of judgment, we need to empower trusted messengers to answer community questions and dispel myths.

COVID-19 RESOURCES No, COVID-19 Is Not the Flu

There’s a refrain among some skeptics that “COVID-19 is just the flu,” which is not at all accurate.

California is highlighted in green on a U.S. map.
COVID-19 RESOURCES Where Can I Get the COVID-19 Vaccine Near Me?

Find out who’s eligible right now, who’s up next, how to request an appointment, and more.

Female doctor reads news on an iPad.
COVID-19 RESOURCES Frequently Asked Questions about Vaccination

The CDC offers answers to commonly asked questions about COVID-19 vaccination.

Graphic of vaccine vial
COVID-19 RESOURCES COVID-19 Vaccine Myths & Facts

Now that there are authorized and recommended COVID-19 vaccines in the United States, accurate vaccine information is critical. Read this info from the CDC.

COVID-19 RESOURCES Helping California's Most Vulnerable Get Vaccinated

iFoster is recruiting current and former foster youth ages 18-24 to help ensure vaccine roll-out happens with equity and prioritizes our most vulnerable populations.

Elderly woman is comforted by a medical professional during the Covid-19. Focus is on their hands. The medical staff is holding the woman
COVID-19 RESOURCES Q&A: Racial Diversity within COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials

Diversity within clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine helps ensure safety and effectiveness across populations and may increase confidence in getting the vaccine among people of color.

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