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Education and Employment

Research indicates that education and employment are strong predictors of good health. Increases in education and income contribute to a greater sense of purpose and meaning, which supports health. The program areas in this portfolio address education for resilient youth and employment opportunities for underserved individuals.

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Increasing Educational Opportunities for Resilient Youth

Increasingly, prospects for a healthy, fulfilling and self-sufficient life depend on getting a college education. We are committed to supporting organizations that increase access to, and completion of, an educational credential beyond a high school degree or GED certificate for adolescents and young adults we define as resilient youth. The degree or credential can be through a four-year university, a community college, or a career/technical/vocational program.

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Promoting Employment and Asset-Building Opportunities

Wealth is the strongest factor that influences health, but many Californians face barriers to achieving financial security. Our funding seeks to improve health outcomes by strengthening pathways to obtaining and retaining employment, and building financial assets. We fund comprehensive workforce-development and asset-building programs, public policy efforts to advance economic justice and efforts that explicitly connect health and wealth.

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Increasing Diversity in the Health Professions

A workforce that mirrors the diverse population of California increases access to care and improves quality of care. We seek to strengthen and develop new pathways to health care sector jobs for underrepresented minorities in the health professions.

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