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Increasing Diversity in the Health Professions

A workforce that mirrors the diverse population of California increases access to care and improves quality of care. Cal Wellness seeks to strengthen and develop new pathways to health care sector jobs for underrepresented minorities in the health professions. 

What We Fund

Each application for funding must fit under one or more of these strategies. Please review the target populations and grant examples listed here to see if your work is aligned with our current priorities.

  • Systems change and policy work addressing barriers to underrepresented minorities pursuing and/or sustaining careers in health professions. 
  • Programs that encourage careers in the health professions among underrepresented minorities at the high school, undergraduate and graduate levels. 
  • Programs that improve admission and retention rates among underrepresented minorities and women in health professions schools and training programs. 
  • Programs that support underrepresented minorities and women in health care jobs through workforce development and employment retention activities. 
  • Education and outreach about careers in the health professions to increase the diversity of clinicians at safety-net institutions. 
  • High-quality health care workforce development and academic programs to increase the number of underrepresented minorities employed at safety-net institutions. 

Target Populations

All projects we fund must support one or more of the following populations:  

  • Underrepresented minorities. 
  • Women and girls.

What We Do Not Fund

We fund very specific projects and activities. We do not fund: 

  • Health professions and workforce diversity efforts that are not focused on underrepresented minorities.  
  • We do not fund standalone conferences and individual research projects.
  • We do not fund individual degrees and fellowships.

Examples of Funded Grants

Below are some examples of organizations we fund under this grantmaking area:  

  • Greenlining Institute – Oakland, CA - $200,000/3 years. For core operating support to support and strengthen efforts to advance health and workforce development opportunities for underrepresented minorities in California. 
  • Fresno Latino Center for Medical Education and Research  - Fresno, CA - $150,000/3 years. For core operating support for its California Health Professions Consortium (CHPC), a statewide coalition of organizations and pipeline programs working to develop and implement strategies and policies to increase the diversity of the state's health workforces. 
  • Campaign for College Opportunity – Los Angeles, CA - $250,000/3 years. For core operating support to develop and implement policy and coalition strategies to improve college access, including transfer pathways from community colleges to four-year colleges, and to reduce student loan debt for URM students entering the health professions. 
  • UC Berkeley School of Public Health – Berkeley, CA - $250,000/3 years. For core operating support for the Health Workforce Pipeline Project to prepare the next generation of underrepresented minority health care professionals in California.

A letter of interest is the first step in requesting a grant. We’re now accepting LOIs.

Check out our grants database.

Crystal Crawford image
Program Director

Crystal D. Crawford

Crystal D. Crawford leads grantmaking related to diversity in the health professions; women of color at risk for, or living with, HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections; and employment for women who have been incarcerated.

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