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Enough! Gun Violence Devastates Another California Community

Nov. 15, 2017—Once again a California community has been traumatized by deadly gun violence. On the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 14, a shooting spree in rural Rancho Tehama ended with five people dead, including the gunman’s wife, and 10 injured, including an elementary school student.

This tragedy follows two other recent mass shootings in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas. The truth is that making another statement denouncing these horrific acts seems woefully inadequate. And yet we must continue to raise our voice against these injustices and advocate for solutions.

There are several tough lessons about gun violence reinforced by this most recent killing in Rancho Tehama. The gunman had a history of assault, reminding us that violence often becomes deadly when guns are involved. The gunman also had a history of domestic violence, a highly stigmatized issue that often goes unreported but can be the canary in the coalmine when it comes to incidents of gun violence. In the end, he murdered his wife. And gun violence does not discriminate; it can happen anywhere, in rural, suburban and urban communities alike. These realities will not change unless we take action to stop gun violence and promote peace in our state.

For 25 years we at Cal Wellness have worked to raise awareness of gun violence as a public health issue. We urge every Californian to educate themselves and take action to help prevent future tragedies. Pay attention to how policies influence our safety and wellness, and learn about organizations working on the front lines to build safe, healthy communities free of gun violence.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Know the facts about gun violence and gun policies.
  • Turn outrage to action by getting involved in the Hope and Heal Fund.

Connect with these organizations for more information:

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