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Monterey Park: We Stand With You

We are devastated by the horrific shooting attack on Saturday in Monterey Park, a predominantly Asian American community in California’s San Gabriel Valley. Once again, we see community joy shattered by gun violence. The attack occurred during the Lunar New Year, a cherished holiday celebrated in communities around the world. More than 100,000 people were expected to come together in Monterey Park to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, which focuses on relaxation, quietness and contemplation.

Instead, another close-knit community was attacked at one of its most beloved gathering spots, the Star Ballroom Dance Studio. Once again, the Asian American community, already living with the fear of increased incidents of hate crimes and discrimination, has been attacked and traumatized.

At Cal Wellness, we stand for all California communities and their right to live without fear, to gather, to celebrate and flourish joyfully and publicly. And today we hold close to our hearts the families of the victims of this shooting and the Asian American community, including our colleagues and partners. Community safety is a public health issue core to our work and our vision for a California where everyone can enjoy good health and experience wellness.

If you’re feeling discouraged in the wake of this tragedy, know that you can make a difference. Please take a look at these resources:

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