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Advancing Wellness Poll

What Makes a Healthy Community?

We reached out to Californians to hear how their health is impacted by where they live. The poll explored factors like safety, access to quality health care, jobs, education and more. We also partnered with Zócalo Public Square to share the stories behind the data and lift up community voices from across the state. The Advancing Wellness Poll, conducted by Field Research Corporation, surveyed nearly 2,200 California adults in seven languages and dialects to capture perspectives across the state’s diverse populations. The poll finds that problems including rising income inequality, crime, environmental pollution and lack of economic opportunity are taking a toll on Californians’ health and wellness – and residents know it.

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In such a sprawling place, with so much disconnection, how much could people care about their own little neighborhoods? Answer: An awful lot.

Joe Matthews, Zócalo Public Square

We created an infographic to capture the key findings in our Wellness Poll. For example, 46% of Californians say that gangs and gun violence are a regular part of daily life.

  • 76%

    of Californians say that most local eating establishments are fast food restaurants

  • 93%

    of Californians recognize that polution threatens their health

  • 46%

    46% of Californians say that gangs and gun violence are a regular part of daily life.

The Stories

California is an unequal state when it comes to health and wellness, but the poll uncovered bright spots. We partnered with journalists at Zócalo Public Square to share stories of both the challenges Californians face and the solutions they have discovered.

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