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Resources: Fostering Healthy Environments

California Food Policy Advocates — an organization that advocates for policies in California that will lead to better nutrition for low-income children and families.

Center for Health Journalism — learn about initiatives to improve urban neighborhoods with gardens and small parks.

ChangeLab Solutions — an interdisciplinary team that researches and drafts model policies — and provides technical assistance — on environmental issues such as land use and transportation planning, childhood obesity prevention, tobacco control, food systems and school environments.

Healthy Food Access Portal — publications, videos, links to local resources and information about funding to help community leaders, government officials, public health advocates and others plan and implement policies and programs to improve access to healthy foods in low-income areas and communities of color.

Klammath Riverkeeper — an example of an organization working on many fronts to improve the environment, specifically by engaging in scientific analysis, monitoring, grassroots outreach, policy advocacy and litigation to protect water quality in California’s Klammath Basin.

National Resources Defense Council, Communities — policy solutions related to increasing the environmental health of underserved communities.

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