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Resources: Promoting Violence Prevention

ACEs Too High — a news site that reports on research about adverse childhood experiences, including developments in epidemiology, neurobiology and the biomedical and epigenetic consequences of toxic stress.

Black Jacket — a documentary about a violence prevention curriculum in South Los Angeles that seeks to change the violent mindsets of influential gang members, one person at a time.

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence — a policy advocacy organization dedicated to dramatically decreasing the number of deaths by guns.

California Funders for Boys and Men of Color — a collaboration of CEOs from 15 California foundations dedicated to aligning their efforts, resources and influence to improve the lives of boys and men of color in California.

California: Strong Gun Laws Saves Lives (click to download full report) — This 2019 report by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence finds that, as firearm regulations went into effect in California, firearm deaths declined more rapidly in California than in the rest of the United States (download one-page summary here).

CDC’s Injury Prevention & Control: Division of Violence Prevention — research, reports and recommendations about preventing violence.

The Chronicle of Social Change — a publication dedicated to solution-based news coverage of child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health and educational issues faced by vulnerable children.

Community Safety by Design: Preventing Violence through Land Use — This report, produced by the Prevention Institute in November 2015, explores the nexus of land use and neighborhood safety and analyzes the implications of the current state of practice.

Engaging Communities in Reducing Gun Violence: A Road Map for Safer Communities — This report (published by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, the Urban Institute and The Joyce Foundation in April 2016) documents that people of color support common sense gun laws and provides a road map for policymakers.

Everytown for Gun Safety — a nationwide, grassroots group that advocates for commonsense gun safety policies and regulations.

Giffords Law Center — the nation’s leading policy organization dedicated to researching, writing, enacting, and defending proven laws and programs, is on a mission to save lives from gun violence by shifting culture, changing policies, and challenging injustice.

The Guardian: Guns and Lies — in a year-long series, the Guardian investigates the initiatives that are saving lives in an area scarred by rising inequality and gentrification

The Human Toll of Jail — The Human Toll of Jail is a platform for true stories about and by ordinary people, both those who are or have been caught up in the criminal justice system, and those who work on its front lines.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research — an organization that brings public health perspectives and expertise to the complex policy issues related to gun violence prevention through research, policy analysis and public discourse.

Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence — a national law center focused on providing comprehensive legal expertise in support of gun violence prevention and the promotion of smart gun laws.

National Council on Crime & Delinquency — an organization that promotes just and equitable social systems for individuals, families and communities through research, public policy and practice.

Pew Research Center — learn what the data says about gun deaths across the United States.

The Prosecution of Youth as Adults — a report that details how “prosecutorial direct file” — a process that allows prosecutors wide discretion in prosecuting youth in adult courts — leads to more youth of color landing in adult prisons and missing out on the education and rehabilitative services they would have received in juvenile detention.

RYSE — learn more about the center that creates safe spaces grounded in social justice for young people to love, learn, educate, heal, and transform lives and communities.

Urban Peace Institute — UPI is a recognized leader in the field of community safety, just policing, and systems reform to end violence and mass incarceration.

Violence Prevention Initiative — the goal of the Violence Prevention Initiative is to reduce violence and create safer and healthier communities for all Californians.

Violence Prevention Research Program, University of California, Davis — learn about this multi-disciplinary program of research and policy development.

Witness L.A. — an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan source of criminal justice news in the public interest.

Women Against Gun Violence — policy advocacy and public awareness resources related to preventing gun violence in Southern California, including a speakers’ bureau that offers presentations for parents, teens, school districts and policymakers.

Youth Gun Violence Prevention — a resource from the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.

Youth Today — an independent, nationally distributed newspaper for professionals serving youth, with many articles dedicated to the topic of juvenile justice.

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